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What is Endocrinology?

Endocrinology is the study of the disorders of the Hormone System. Hormones are chemical signals produced in specialized glands which have far-reaching effects in other areas of the body. Hormone disorders result from either too much or too little of a particular hormone.

What are hormones and why do I need them?

Hormones are messengers that fit into the cells of the body.  Hormones are an essential part of the metabolic process of living.  Hormones are important for the cells, organs, and metabolism.  Our hormones decline through aging, menopause, disease or trauma.  When this happens, we begin an accelerated aging process.  Loss of hormones is one of the major reasons for our deterioration as we get older, both physically and mentally.

How are bio-identical estrogen and progesterone produced?

Hormones that are identical to human hormones are found in yams and soy.  We call these “natural” because they are natural to the body.  The hormones are extracted from these vegetables and then processed by a special compounding pharmacy into a prescription dose and form.  The body accepts and metabolizes these hormones as if it made them.

Why are the prescribed supplements better than what I get at my health food store?

There are several key differences.  First, Rx grade products are compounded to pharmaceutical standards and we use only the finest, mostly bio identical, freshest forms to ensure that key nutrients actually reach your bloodstream optimally.  Every production batch is assayed in a laboratory to ensure its purity and potency.

How does one know whether they are receiving adequate amounts of replacement hormones?

Blood tests determine deficiencies.  Blood tests also determine whether adequate replacement has been prescribed.  All people will absorb, assimilate, and respond to hormones differently than others.  If the proper level (and therefore tissue level) is not achieved, then the full benefit of hormone replacement is not realized.  We want hormone levels to be optimal and protective.

I’m only 30+. Can my symptoms really be perimonopause?

Your symptoms may well be the result of the hormonal imbalances of perimenopause, which can precede menopause by 15 years or more.  In fact, if you’re in your early 30’s and notice changes, it’s that much more important that you focus on establishing a good foundation.  The fact is that the fundamental rules for optimal health & hormonal balance are the same at every age, and if you give your body the support it needs at any time you can often have symptom-free menopause.

Will the Bio-Identical HRT help me even if I’ve had a hysterectomy?

Yes, the Bio-Identical HRT will benefit your general health and your hormonal balance, even if you’ve had a hysterectomy, and whether or not you also had your ovaries removed.  In fact, the Bio-Identical HRT is especially relevant to women like you, given the heightened risks from long-term use of synthetic HRT.  Women under40 who have had a hysterectomy should consider natural hormone replacement therapy to mimic the body’s natural progression.

Are there other hormones I should replace? What about Men?

Other bio-identical hormones that should be part of an optimal hormone replacement program are testosterone, thyroid, and DHEA.  Both men and women need these hormones.



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